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SUBTITLES: 2014 Flower Troupe

Timed to the DVD/Blu-Ray version. The finale is not subtitled.

The Blu-Ray and DVDs are still available for purchase.
Blu-Ray: TCA · CDJapan · Amazon JP
DVD: TCA · CDJapan · Amazon JP

SCRIPT: Shinjin Kouen

Compiled based on the 2009 Moon Troupe and 2014 Flower Troupe shinjin kouen performances.
It should work with most of the other shinjin kouens, with maybe the exception of the earliest ones in the 1990s.

translations done by others

SUBTITLES: Moon 2009

By mayumiko

SUBTITLES: Snow 2007

By thetap
Times to the Blu-Ray version.

SCRIPT: Moon 2005


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